White fillings in Sherburn in Elmet

White fillings in Sherburn offer a tooth-coloured alternative to tradi-tional metal amalgam fillings. Made from a putty-like composite material that can be moulded and bonded to your natural tooth, white fillings not only look natural, but require less drilling than metal fillings. For this reason, we offer white fillings as an alternatve to amalgam at Elmet Dental Care.

Why choose white fillings in Sherburn?

The vast majority of us will have experienced a filling, and although our fear of the filling has become a well-worn cliché, the good news is that modern technology has made the procedure faster and more comfortable than ever. White, or composite, fillings are not only used for new dental repairs, but can replace your old amalgam fillings too, so you can say goodbye to the ‘shadowed smile’ caused by those metal restorations.

The downside of white fillings used to be their lack of longevity in comparison to amalgam – but technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and white fillings generally don’t need to be replaced as often as in the past. Most patients (and dentists) agree that the benefits of white fillings in Sherburn – less drilling, and a completely natural look – far outweigh the longevity of amalgam alternatives.

Child having her teeth checked by a dentist


Does it hurt to get a white filling in Sherburn?

No – most fillings are carried out under a local anaesthetic. If you are at all nervous about having anaesthetic, you’re not alone, and Elmet Dental Care has a number of methods in place to help with dental anxiety, so do speak to your dentist about it before treatment commences.

How do you apply white fillings?

We prepare the tooth for the filling by removing any decay and placing a blue gel on the tooth. After rinsing this away, we place special glue on the tooth to bond the white filling in place. We use a blue light to make the filling harden – then it’s ready for polishing.

How long will my white filling last?

White fillings can last up to 10 years if you follow a good oral hygiene routine.

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