Invisalign Teen aligners are an exciting addition to the Invisalign family of virtually invisible braces. Designed specifically for teenagers’ mouths, they provide an aesthetic, more flexible way to give teens the confidence that comes with a great smile.

Unlike traditional fixed braces, Invisalign Teen aligners are comfortable, removable and nearly invisible. Teens can enjoy life without the restrictions, irritation and self-consciousness associated with metal brackets and wires. They can also brush and floss as normal, which could lead to better dental health in the future.

Each aligner also comes with a small blue dot Indicator designed to show how much the aligner has been worn. This helps teenagers know if they are ready for their next set of aligners and shows parents whether or not the braces are being worn properly.

  • Invisalign is virtually invisible and comfortable
  • Aligners can be removed for eating and brushing
  • Blue dot indicator shows that they are being worn as directed
  • Average treatment time is 9 to 12 months*
  • Free initial consultation
  • 0% finance and payment options

*Results may vary

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