Stage 1 – consultation

We’ll begin by carrying out a thorough examination to make sure you’re suitable for Invisalign. We’ll then talk you through the treatment process, show you examples of Invisalign aligners as well as written and video testimonials from real patients. This is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions.

Stage 2 – transparent pricing and treatment plan

You’ll receive a detailed treatment plan with clear pricing that explains everything that’s covered. Your fully comprehensive price includes all necessary
appointments and aligners as well as free retainers to keep your smile looking good well into the future.

Stage 3 – digital scan

If you decide to go ahead, we’ll take a digital scan and photographs of your teeth. These are used by Invisalign to design and produce your bespoke aligners.

Stage 4 – free smile simulation

Before treatment begins we’ll show you a 3D animated movie of how your teeth will move with Invisalign treatment and how amazing your smile will look at the end of treatment.

Stage 5 – fitting the aligners

When your first aligners arrive, we’ll show you how to take them on and off. Although the aligners are changed every 1 or 2 weeks, we monitor our patients regularly, to ensure that your progress is on track and to answer any questions.

Stage 6 – retainers

Once your teeth have moved into their ideal position we want to keep them there. Impressions are taken and you’ll need to wear your clear retainers every night.

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