Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Sherburn – involving the professional bleaching of your teeth at Elmet Dental Care – is, quite literally, a brilliant solution to a less-than sparkly smile, and the perfect finishing touch if you have had a restorative or cosmetic dental treatment. We’re known as the nation of tea drinkers – so perhaps it’s no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures in the UK. While tea, coffee and wine – both white and red – are the main offenders, any food that is richly coloured will ultimately stain your teeth. Professional teeth whitening from your dentist is the only legal and safe way to lift those stains and achieve the results you really want.

Whiter teeth in 3 easy steps

  • We take impressions of your teeth and make custom whitening trays to fit them.
  • You get a Boutique kit to take home, complete with whitening gel and trays.
  • You place a small amount of the gel into the trays and wear them either for two hours a day or overnight (depending on your prescription) for up to two weeks. After treatment, you can use your bespoke trays for top-ups as and when required.

Boutique teeth whitening in Sherburn – gentle, effective & bespoke

At Elmet Dental Care, we recommend the Boutique whitening system, which can be carried out at home either during the day or at night, using bespoke trays that fit over your teeth perfectly.

When done properly, teeth whitening is totally safe, virtually pain-free and suitable for the majority of people. However, it can only be legally carried out by a registered dental professional, not by a hairdresser or beautician. Here at Elmet Dental Care, we will conduct a thorough consultation before treatment to ensure teeth whitening is suitable for you, and we’ll monitor your progress, so you can rest assured your treatment won’t cause any discomfort.

How does the Boutique Whitening System Work?

Boutique whitening involves the use of custom-made whitening trays, which fit over your teeth precisely. This not only targets your teeth more effectively, but also means your bleaching gel won’t come into contact with your gums.

What are the benefits of using Boutique?

Boutique’s USP is its thick formula, which reduces the chance of saliva washing away the bleaching gel. It’s also PH-neutral and contains ingredients to reduce sensitivity and keep teeth hydrated.

What is the difference between day and night Boutique treatments?

Boutique by Day uses a higher concentration of bleaching gel, so you’ll only need to wear your whitening trays for two hours a day. If you have sensitive teeth, you may be more suited to Boutique by Night, which uses a lower concentration of gel over a longer period of time.

Am I suitable for teeth whitening?

Before undergoing teeth whitening in Sherburn, you’ll need to see us for a thorough examination, because whitening can only carried out if your teeth and gums are completely healthy. Teeth whitening is not suitable if you are pregnant, and won’t change the colour of any dental restorations, such as crowns.

What about over-the-counter treatments?

At best, these are usually ineffective, and at worst, they can cause pain and discomfort. If you want to guarantee great results and no discomfort, teeth whitening is best done by your dentist!